Substation protection and control services!

Power system protection testing is our passion.

Subprocon (Pty) Ltd is based in Johannesburg South Africa, providing engineering and field services for power system protection and control for HV and MV substations for industries, mines and utilities. Field services on offer are commissioning of new HV and MV substations, maintenance testing of protection relays for existing substations, retrofit of protection relays, installation of primary and secondary plant and installation and termination of substation interfacing cables.
Engineering services on offer are design of protection and control schemes. Subprocon also supplies protection and control products from high quality brands.
The highly experienced team tests and commissions protection relays from ABB, Vamp, Micom, General Electric, Schneider and also services indoor and outdoor air insulated, oil insulated and gas insulated switchgear from Reyrolle, ABB, Alstom and others. Professionalism and integrity ensures that excellent services are provided at all times. High standards of safety are observed when field work is carried out in substations. All tests are done using calibrated test equipment. Subprocon is committed to ensuring that it's clients get value for money for all services rendered at all times.

Protection relay testing

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Capacitor bank testing

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Circuit breaker repairs

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