Circuit breaker Repairs

Circuit breaker failures result in unplanned shutdowns and emergency outage costs which cause production losses.

Subprocon offers circuit breaker repair service for medium voltage and high voltage circuit breakers. Our team has years of experience and training to work on a range of breakers from ABB, Actom, Relay settings, Hawker Sidderely and Yorkshire.

Repairs involve the following

  • Diagnosis and estimate for repair provided for approval
  • Complete disassembly of mechanism, clean and test
  • Repair or replace all necessary components
  • Function test and electrical test
  • Provide concise test reports

On-site Field Service Basic Repairs

We have a field service team that can carry out basic circuit breaker diagnosis and repair on site. Tests such as contact resistance, speed test and high pot test can also be conducted on-site.

Workshop Major Repairs.

For major repairs, the circuit breaker will be collected from site and brought into the workshop for diagnosis and repairs. After repairs, all necessary tests will be conducted to ensure that the circuit breaker is fit to be put back into service.

If you require our circuit breaker repair services, send your enquiry to or if you require an urgent quote, please call Douglas on +27 82 639 7778 / +27 11 452 4226 or send an email to