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We supply quality substation automation products from established OEMs according to the ordering codes that you give to us or we can use your specification to give you the best offer from the products on the market! Our sales people have invaluable hands on experience with products from different vendors and will offer the best optimised solutions to fulfil your needs at reasonable prices.

Substation automation products

We supply loose substation automation products from OEMs such as ABB, Siemens, SEL, Schneider, GE and others. We can also supply, install and commission.

Protection relays


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  1. Feeder protection relays
  2. Transformer protection relays
  3. Motor protection relays
  4. Generator protection relays
  5. Arc protection relays
  6. Capacitor bank protection relays
  7. Automatic voltage regulating relays

Alarm annunciators
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Industrial ethernet switches

  1. 9 port switches Din rail mount
  2. 20 – 24 port ethernet switches 19 inch


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Panel meters( analog/digital)

  1. Ammeters
  2. Voltmeters
  3. Power factor meters
  4. MVar meters
  5. Tap position indicators

Bimetallic Ammeter BA27 BA39 BE27 BE39 - Product Supply







  1. Current transducers
  2. Voltage transducers
  3. MVar transducers



Metering products

Energy Meters for utilities and industries

We supply loose energy metering products or supply, install and commission products from OEMs such as Elster, Itron, Landis + Gy, Schneider and others.


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